Wednesday September 2, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Battle stations
Israel will not tolerate Hezbollah or the global jihad movement acquiring Syria's chemical weapons, but any premature operation could give the embattled Syrian dictator an excuse to turn his weapons on us.
Boaz Bismuth | Alone in the new Middle East
In our global village, chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorist groups would destabilize the entire world.
Dan Margalit | Jaw jaw quickly, as war war approaches
Security threats from Iran, Syria and Egypt justify a speedy coalition negotiation process.
Zalman Shoval | Kicking off with John Kerry
Kerry's Middle East visit will be an opportunity for comprehensive dialogue. It's important to start off on the right foot.
Eyal Zisser | Back to Square One
Tahrir Square is once again ringing with calls to depose the tyrant: Mohammed Morsi.
Elliott Abrams | The Muslim Brotherhood and the UAE
The UAE aims to show that the Muslim Brotherhood is about seizing power rather than promoting democracy.
Israel Hayom is Israel's most widely read daily for third year
Semi-annual TGI survey reveals that readership of Israel Hayom's weekday edition has gone up from 38.1% exposure in 2011 to 39.3% in 2012 Weekend edition also enjoys increase in readership Survey includes all Israeli newspapers and radio broadcasts.
A sign of the times at The Sunday Times
Image entitled "Israeli elections will cementing peace continue?" depicts Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building wall using Palestinian blood for cement Anti-Defamation League: "Modern-day evocation of the ancient 'blood libel' charge."
National Security Council chief visits Russia over Syrian WMD
NSC chief Yaakov Amidror visits Moscow to ask Russian officials to prevent Syria's chemical weapons from falling into wrong hands Two Iron Dome batteries deployed in northern Israel Heightened activity reported at Israel Air Force bases.
Israel surprised at Argentina, Iran bomb probe agreement
Argentina and Iran reach a breakthrough in the investigation of the Buenos Aires Jewish center bombing that killed 85 people 19 years ago They agree to establish an independent international "truth commission."
'With all due respect, Netanyahu is prime minister, not Lapid'
Likud officials have criticized Lapid's long list of demands, which include an equitable enlistment law, the foreign minister's portfolio, a reduction in the number of ministerial positions and a renewal of diplomatic negotiations with the Palestinians.
Mati Tuchfeld | Drafting an agreement on the draft
Perhaps ultra-Orthodox opposition to Yair Lapid's draft plan is just part of the coalition negotiations game.
Negev Bedouin villages to be regulated under contentious plan
Most Bedouin residing in unregulated settlements will be able to continue living in their homes Minister Benny Begin: Government has responsibility to help Bedouin Ra'am-Ta'al representative: We will fight plan any way possible.
Education Ministry shines spotlight on prime ministers' wives
Education Ministry focuses on prime ministers wives Paula Ben-Gurion and Aliza Begin as part of central topic, "A year of leadership Ben-Gurion and Begin" Both women were apparently slow to forgive their husbands' political rivals.
Sharon shows signs of consciousness in new test
Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been in a vegetative state since his January 2006 stroke, responds to external stimuli during test in Beersheba Soroka neurological director: Chances of Sharon getting out of bed are "very, very low."
Russia says Assad's prospects fading
Syria's ally makes its most vocal statements yet on the rebellion against Assad Medvedev: I think that with every day, every week and every month, the chances of his preservation are getting smaller and smaller.
Iran denies explosion at underground uranium facility
Tehran calls reports of explosion at underground Fordo bunker "Western propaganda" designed to influence the upcoming nuclear negotiations London Times: Israeli officials confirmed explosion Ya'alon plays down Israeli involvement.
Record number of space agency heads to visit Israel
For three days astronauts and leading researchers will gather in Herzliya for annual space conference, marking 10 years since tragic accident that killed Ilan Ramon aboard the Columbia shuttle NASA administrator: Israel could have another astronaut.