Saturday October 10, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Hezbollah, Russia condemn reported IAF strike on arms convoy in Syria
AP described the arms as Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles Reuters: Chemical weapons were not in the convoy which was bombed The NYT: Israel notified the U.S. about the attack beforehand Jerusalem keeps mum.
Yoav Limor | Waiting for a response
Israeli officials have refrained from commenting on the events reported in the foreign media, hoping that our silence, together with our deterrence, will stop the other side from retaliating.
Boaz Bismuth | Assad's choice
If Assad strikes back, he will fall sooner; if he doesn't retaliate, he will fall at a later date.
Dan Margalit | Maintaining supremacy
The alleged airstrike may indicate that Israel will continue to carry out such action in the future.
Gideon Allon | The political clock is ticking
Once tapped, Netanyahu has no more than 42 days to forge a coalition.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | From Beirut and Damascus to Jerusalem
The obvious move for Assad now is to continue with his real war against the insurgents he has been battling.
Professor Uzi Rabi | A geopolitical shift
The alleged IDF operation was intended to send a message: Transfer of weapons will not be tolerated.
'Hagel's record on Israel, Iran is cause for real concern'
Nominee for the position of secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, to be grilled about his views on Israel, Iran, defense budget cuts and Syria during House Armed Services Committee hearing scheduled for Thursday.
Isi Leibler | Say no to Hagel
Chuck Hagel recognizes that public opinion and Congress oblige him to perform a dramatic about-turn in relation to his former policies on Iran. The Senate will have to determine whether he is sincere or not.
SA-17: Mobile, accurate, and difficult to destroy
According to foreign reports, the IDF struck a weapons convoy that included the SA-17 surface-to-air missile system This is the missile system that Nasrallah wants from Assad.
Aharon Lapidot | The game-changer
If Hezbollah lays its hands on Syria's air defense systems, Israeli activity in Lebanese and Israeli airspace could be compromised.
Germany marks 80th anniversary of Hitler's rise to power
Reichstag marks day with talk from German-Israeli author and Holocaust survivor Inge Deutschkron Chancellor Angela Merkel: Hitler's ability to quickly destroy German democracy is a warning today of what can happen if the public is apathetic.
In Germany, Morsi defends comments about Jews
Morsi heads to Berlin to gather support for rebuilding a crumbling Egyptian economy, however questions about comments he made calling Jews "apes and pigs" pursue him throughout the day Morsi: I'm not against the Jewish faith or the Jewish people.
Lapid: recommending Netanyahu doesn't mean we'll be in coalition
President Peres receives certified election results and immediately launches consultations over who will form next government Netanyahu expected to get official nod Thursday Yesh Atid recommends PM, but says this doesn't mean it will join coalition.
Yemeni Jew beaten in anti-Semitic attack
Members of the Jewish community in Rada'a claim a Jewish man was attacked in the town He was hospitalized in serious condition Though Jews supposedly receive government protection, emigration has been steady in recent years.
Israel rejects UN settlements probe as 'counterproductive'
Human Rights Council inquiry finds that Israel's settlement policy violates international law U.N. investigators call on Israel to halt settlement expansion and withdraw all Jewish settlers HRC is biased against Israel, says Foreign Ministry.
Another Israeli astronaut in space?
Ministry of Science and Technology is in talks with international space officials, hoping to send an Israeli astronaut up to the International Space Center in the next few years.
Defiant Iran plans to speed up nuclear fuel work
In letter to IAEA, Tehran says that they will install new, more modern centrifuges in their main enrichment plant near Natanz Nuclear expert: If Iran introduces them on a large scale, the timeline for nuclear weapons would be significantly reduced."
Beitar defies racist fans and signs two Muslim Chechen players
Beitar Jerusalem soccer club fans caused an uproar last week when they held racist signs protesting new recruits, resulting in censure for the club Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat: "Violence and racism will not be tolerated."