Thursday September 3, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Religious Zionist leaders chide Bennett over embrace of Lapid
Rabbi Tzefania Drori: If Naftali Bennett doesn't take Torah into account on haredi enlistment issue, it will end his political career First round of coalition talks concludes Tzipi Livni's Hatnuah party could be among first to join coalition.
David M. Weinberg | End the haredi chokehold
Rolling back ultra-Orthodox influence on matters of religion and state is critical to the health and unity of this country.
Yehuda Shlezinger | The 'gentiles' have returned to Judaism
The national-religious influence is encroaching on the haredi world, and in no way does Shas' self-declared title as "the natural partner" for safeguarding the Torah and status quo come gratis.
Amos Regev | Channel 10 wallows in hypocrisy
Channel 10's much anticipated "exposé" on Israel Hayom basically revealed that the paper's editor is merely doing his job.
Gideon Allon | An insider's guide to the Knesset
Before the Knesset members become totally overwhelmed, a veteran Knesset reporter offers some friendly advice.
Nir Gaist | Soft spot: The cyber battlefield
Israel must move much more quickly toward considerably enhancing its actual cyber defensive capabilities.
Ruthie Blum | Taking moral relativism to immoral heights
A study that ignores the Palestinian glorification of martyrdom simply oils the cogs of the Palestinian propaganda machine.
Dan Margalit | Godspeed, 19th Knesset!
Israel has always celebrated democracy, even under less than optimal conditions.
Rabbis suspected of hampering child rape case investigation
The young girl is believed to have been sexually assaulted by a haredi youth, apparently from an established family in Modiin Illit Investigators looking into the incident are met with a wall of silence.
Ahmadinejad in Egypt: I hope they let me visit Gaza
Cairo trip marks first time since 1979 Islamic Revolution that an Iranian head of state has visited Egypt "Gaza is sacred because it is on the road to Al-Quds," says Iranian president, who says he wants to be the first human sent into space by Iran.
Kerry: I have big heels to fill
New U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry starts his first day of work at the State Department in Washington Senate Armed Services Committee to vote on appointment of Chuck Hagel as next defense secretary by Thursday at the earliest.
Syrian defense minister indicates Syria won't retaliate against Israel
Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij says alleged Israeli airstrike was part of a plan to destroy Syria internally, and calls Syrian rebels Israel's "tools" According to al-Freij, Israel and "armed gangs coordinated together to target the research center."
IDF arrests two men suspected of helping fugitive flee Israel to Syria
The men, residents of Jaljulia and Tamra, reportedly confess to helping two family members escape to Syria One of the men is serving a 25-year murder sentence and was on prison furlough Second man suspected of involvement in the same murder.
Two narratives for two peoples
According to U.S.-funded report, both Israel and the Palestinians are to blame for enmity ingrained by textbooks Investigation boycotted by Israel for being "biased."
Bulgaria set to release terror attack probe findings
Israel hopes probe's conclusions will confirm suspicions that Hezbollah and Iran planned the attack, which killed five Israelis and one Bulgarian at an airport in Burgas in July.
Video: Israel remembers NY mayor Ed Koch
Israeli Consul-General in New York Ido Aharoni speaks at late former Mayor Ed Koch's funeral at Temple Emanu-El Proudly Jewish, Koch was an outspoken supporter of Israel.
The Knesset gets festive
Mounted cavalry, popular singers and an honor guard all part of the opening ceremony as 19th Knesset is inaugurated Tuesday All 120 Knesset members will take the oath of office Ceremony to be broadcast live on Israeli television.
Analysis: Diplomatic window closing on Iran
Demands and counter-demands have shifted since the talks with Iran began in 2003, but one constant remains: failure not only to reach a breakthrough but even to make substantive progress.
Back to the future
Technion doctoral student Kira Radinsky and Microsoft researcher Eric Horvitz merged two decades of New York Times archives and other sources such as Wikipedia to predict disease and violence outbreaks accurately.