Wednesday September 2, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Jerusalem expects Obama will bring new peace plan, demand breakthrough
Visit to Israel could impact makeup of coalition and could also lead to U.S. pressure for a new peace plan White House: the purpose is to make progress on issues like Iran and Syria Ambassador Shapiro: No preconditions for the meeting were set.
Dan Margalit | A diplomatic visit with political consequences
It appears that the Obama administration is encouraging Netanyahu to include the Center-Left in his coalition.
Mati Tuchfeld | Have peace process, will visit
Obama's visit could pave the way for a coalition that includes Lapid, Livni, Mofaz and perhaps even Yachimovich.
Amit Barak | Reporting for duty
It is no longer shameful to say openly that those who serve are worth more and deserve more.
IDF orders civilian aircraft evacuated from Haifa airport
Citing security concerns, the Israeli Airports Authority has instructed all civilian planes making use of the northern airport to divert to other airports Lebanese reports: Israeli warplanes conducting mock raids over Nabatiyeh.
Bulgaria implicates Hezbollah in terror; but will Europe follow suit?
Israel calls on EU to add Hezbollah to terrorist list after Bulgarian investigators say it was behind attack last summer that killed five Israelis and a local bus driver U.S. calls on Europe to uncover Hezbollah infrastructure, disrupt their financing.
IDF to post first 'cyberdefense' officers to its regional commands
Officers will be under the direct command of the army's Computer Service Directorate "Just as the army is trusted with protecting Israel's borders, the Computer Service Directorate is trusted with defending its cyber borders," says Col. Yariv Nir.
Majority of Israeli teens don't know what Oslo Accords were
82.9% of Israeli Jewish teens define themselves as Zionist, compared to 9.9% who don't, poll finds Nearly all (99.5%) have visited Jerusalem at least once 84.6% would enlist in IDF, or other national service, even if it were not mandatory.
Iran, West agree to resume nuclear talks Feb. 26 in Kazakhstan
U.S. State Department: "Our view is it's time for Iran to discuss substance" Senior Iranian official: "The [West] will never want real dialogue and negotiations" Comments contradict "optimistic" tone from Iranian foreign minister earlier this week.
Survey: Last decade saw 60% rise in number of single new moms
5,050 single women living alone gave birth to children in 2011, as compared to 2,600 in 2000 There were 13,500 single moms in 2011 raising kids under 17 as compared to 8,400 in 2000 Households with children spend more on junk food, cigarettes.
War of the rabbis as pressure mounts on Bennett to dump Lapid
Bennett's support for ending haredim's draft exemption draws criticism from party's spiritual leaders "Bennett knows that the nation's soul consists of those who study Torah," says Safed rabbi Bennett: In New York haredim study, but they also work.
Uri Heitner | Who is in the Jewish home?
Habayit Hayehudi has to choose between their secular partners of the Zionist enterprise, or the haredim, who share their faith but don't share the Zionist dream.
In child rape case, police battle to break a community's silence
Police determine 5-year-old girl from haredi town of Modiin Illit was in fact raped on way to pre-school, but nobody in the community is prepared to divulge victim's name or family members' identities Police fear parents will refuse investigation.
Red tape: Tel Aviv paints handicapped spot, tows car
Surveillance footage shows municipal workers painting parking spot to mark it as handicapped with woman's car still in it Facebook post about incident goes viral Municipality apologizes for "unacceptable incompetence," rescinds fine, towing costs.
Labor's Yachimovich under pressure to join coalition
Labor Chairwoman meets with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem Yachimovich: Conversation was interesting, but Labor will serve the people from the opposition Growing number of Labor MKs support joining the coalition under certain conditions.
The Yiddish cartdriver's last hurrah
Transportation minister to ban horse-drawn vehicles on city streets Cites animal cruelty and traffic jams as main reasons for new law Will "alte zachen" peddlers, long part of the Israeli mosaic, soon become a thing of the past?
US gives IDF chief Legion of Merit award
During five-day work visit to Washington, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz receives award from U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gantz accepts award on behalf of entire IDF, says it represents the strong ties between the American and Israeli militaries.
Ahmadinejad and Morsi come face-to-face in Cairo
Ahmadinejad in Cairo for first visit by Iranian leader since ties cut after Egypt's 1979 peace treaty with Israel; seeks to discuss regional developments, advance diplomatic ties Iranian president attacked by Syrian national during mosque prayer.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | After hating Israel, nothing in common
Shiite Islam, led by Ahmadinejad's Iran, considers Morsi's Sunni Muslim Brotherhood movement as an enemy.
Should victims of terrorism be memorialized with fallen soldiers?
Court rejects petition filed by victims of terrorist attacks against defense minister, requesting inclusion of terror victims in a new national memorial park site to be constructed on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem and finished in 2015.