Saturday September 5, 2015
Israel Hayom
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On Obama's Israel trip, ideas yes, demands no
U.S. officials say no breakthroughs are expected during the president's trip and reviving peace process in the near term is not seen as realistic White House emphasizes that the president's focus will be brokering a new beginning with Netanyahu.
Richard Baehr | More peace processing on the way with Obama visit?
If there is a home-court edge to meetings between the leaders of two countries, Netanyahu needs to play it during the president's visit.
Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi | Obama will come, but will he stay?
The president wants his visit to the region to dispel the notion that he is going to disengage unilaterally from the Middle East.
Dr. Ephraim Kam | Iran's troubles in Syria
Iran's ability to help Assad is limited, and it can't fight for him.
Clifford D. May | Letter from the West Bank
There are those here who seek peace and prosperity. The odds are against them.
Itsik Saban | Noni's system: A personal account
As a former reporter at Yedioth Ahronoth, I can vouch for its conduct without hiding behind a silhouette.
Daniel Pipes | Is Turkey leaving the West?
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been pushing away from the EU and toward Russia and Asia. Turkey is no longer a trustworthy partner.
Report: Top Netanyahu adviser to resign after Obama visit
Prime Minister Netanyahu's chief of policy planning Ron Dermer says he will be leaving post in several months, the NRG Maariv news website reports Dermer had been touted as a possible replacement to Ambassador Michael Oren.
Netanyahu asks Lapid to join coalition, with the haredim
Prime minister, Yesh Atid leader meet Thursday in effort to bridge gaps Netanyahu asks Lapid to be more flexible on drafting the ultra-Orthodox Lapid: King David was a soldier, Maimonides studied secular subjects.
Dan Margalit | New faces, old tactics
If the parties revealed their "red lines," we would perhaps learn that their differences are actually smaller than they appear in the headlines.
'Attacks on Sara Netanyahu are sexist slander'
Every woman should be offended by the sexist attack on prime minister's wife, says Culture and Sport Minister Limor Livnat Shas' Aryeh Deri says preoccupation with first lady's dress is "disgusting and wicked."
Abbas invites Iranian president to visit Ramallah
PA president meets Mahmoud Ahmadinejad outside of Islamic conference in Cairo, thanks him for Iran's support of Palestinians U.N. bid as observer state Ahmadinejad warns against Israeli attack: "The Iranian people will stampede and trample Israel."
Iran's supreme leader rejects direct talks with US
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei posts statement to his website: "You are holding a gun against Iran saying, 'Talks or you [the U.S.] will fire.' The Iranian nation will not be frightened by such threats" Countries still expected to meet in six-nation talks.
Key witness in Modiin Illit rape case: 'I made it up'
The preschool superintendent tells police she made up the story that a 5-year-old had been raped In an interview with Channel 2 news she said she wanted to shake up the system so that it paid greater attention to incidents of child rape.
Yehuda Shlezinger | From gossip to concealment
The haredi public doesn't cover up sexual scandals, but a small fringe group leads to that impression.
Hezbollah says bombing charges are Israeli smear campaign
Hezbollah deputy leader Naim Qassem says Israel is directing "allegations and incitements and accusations against Hezbollah" because it failed to defeat it militarily.
'Civilian leadership can be liable for soldiers' war crimes violations'
Turkel Commission into the Mavi Marmara incident finds that Israels mechanisms for investigating its own alleged violations of the laws of armed conflict are in accordance with international law Turkel recommends Shin Bet film all its interrogations.
Haredim received over NIS 1 billion in extra funding in 2010-11
These additional allocations were not included in the budget originally approved by the Knesset, nor did they require approval from any government body besides the Finance Committee, chaired by UTJ MK Moshe Gafni Gafni: Hiddush is anti-haredi.
'I don't accept the stereotypes about Israel'
Spanish author Antonio Munoz Molina, winner of the 2013 Jerusalem Prize, will arrive in Israel this weekend to receive his award at the Jerusalem International Book Fair, despite pressure from Palestinian groups to boycott the fair and cancel visit.