Monday October 5, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Justice official: Zygier agreed to take on pseudonym in prison
Senior legal official defends conduct surrounding Prisoner X, a suspected Mossad agent who allegedly committed suicide in prison under an assumed identity State Prosecutor's Office considers filing indictments for negligence in the case, official says.
Dan Margalit | A justified blackout, a just war, a PR failure
The Middle East is currently in a life-and-death battle, with casualties on both sides. Ben Zygier was one such casualty.
Boaz Bismuth | Self-inflicted damage
Israel can't go very long without a new media storm. ABC Australia provided it this week with a thriller.
Gonen Ginat | Of asses and secrets
For years, the Romanians fed all of Europe horse and donkey meat masquerading as beef. But secrets always get exposed.
Dore Gold | Israel's challenging diplomatic predicament
The stakes for Israel in not taking into account the impact of the changing terrorist threat on its need to maintain defensible borders could be disastrous.
Mordechai Gilat | Vive la difference
What's the difference between a newspaper that is considered to be pro-Netanyahu and one that cultivates corruption and criminality?
Dror Eydar | We took the shame too far
Prof. Oz Almog is convinced that Israeli society is not growing more extreme, and that the entire Israeli public would unite in support of a logical agreement He believes the Left's desire to remedy the world's ills has turned them into monsters.
Reports: Zygier arrested before he could commit treason
Australian security official: Ben Zygier was close to spilling details of the Mossad's use of fraudulent Australian passports Kuwaiti newspaper reports that Zygier revealed details of the al-Mabhouh assassination to authorities in Dubai.
The price of silence in the digital age
The authorities apparent mishandling of the Prisoner X saga proved to be an embarrassment for the Mossad. On the other hand, it may have taught a valuable lesson to a number of people there about the Internet, new media, and social media.
Israel's own X File
We have more questions than answers about Ben Zygier Why was he buried in Australia? He had family living in Israel, and by all logic, shouldn't he have been buried here? People in Australia wonder about the dual loyalty of the Jewish community.
The Vatican's game of thrones
The news of this past week was considered so inconceivable, so unlikely, so unreasonable, so antithetical to the doctrine championed by the Catholic Church.
This house has life in it yet
Two years after the horrific murder of the Fogel family, the surviving members have assumed a routine of sorts Grandparents Yehuda and Tali Ben-Yishai took it upon themselves to raise the three orphans under circumstances that are as normal as possible.
When Bennett met Bibi
The chairman of Habayit Hayehudi can't get along with the prime minister, but his party is demanding answers Shas is on the verge of losing control Having lost the election, Shelly Yachimovich wants at least to lead the opposition.
Iran mourns slain Revolutionary Guard officer
Iranian clergyman compares Iranian General Hassan Shateri to Hezbollah's slain commander, Imad Mughniyeh Syrian Free Army alleges that Israel killed Shateri during a reported bombing in Syria two weeks ago.
Border policemen convicted of abusing Palestinian detainee
Four officers punched and dumped water on the victim at the Al Jib checkpoint in 2009 because he was not carrying identification The officers then threatened him with a police dog Judge: The defendants' behavior was "harsh, cruel and inhumane."
'Why bother with equality when army service is unequal anyway'
MKs Meir Porush and Moshe Gafni: There is no real equality anyway, Lapid served as a reporter for the IDF magazine while Bennett served as a fighter in an elite commando unit.
Vandals desecrate Muslim graves in Jerusalem
Perpetrators of "price-tag" attacks have targeted churches in Jerusalem; Palestinian mosques, homes and property; and Israeli military installations in the West Bank "Police are investigating and searching for suspects," says police spokesman.
UN nuclear talks with Iran fail, no new meeting set
"Despite its many commitments to do so, Iran has not negotiated in good faith," says Western diplomat accredited to the U.N.'s IAEA ISIS report points to Iranian attempts to smuggle banned components from China to increase centrifuge speed.
Ruthie Blum | Nuclear holocaust denial
Obama is putty in the hands of those who would see America annihilated along with Israel.
Chaotic influx of Syrian refugees stirs fear in Lebanon
According to U.N. Refugee Agency, more than 265,000 Syrians are now in Lebanon and are scattered across the length of the country, straining health, education and housing services and pushing up rent prices Most live in derelict conditions.