Sunday October 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Iran's terror plots against Israelis exposed in Nigeria, Cyprus
The two disrupted terror plots are the latest in a string of attacks, some foiled, others not, hatched by Iran against Israeli targets around the globe, including in India, Bulgaria, Thailand, Kenya and Azerbaijan.
Rabbi Menachem Brod | They tried to kill us, we survived, let's drink
We are absolutely allowed to be glad and rejoice at the defeat of our enemies and those who seek our destruction.
Dan Margalit | Bennett's clock is ticking
Joining the coalition after Hatnuah, Kadima and haredi parties will only be harder.
Prof. Aviad Hacohen | In Livni we trust
The public's faith in the judiciary is one of most important assets a democracy could have.
David M. Weinberg | Stav for the rabbinate
The increasingly haredi rabbinate misues its powers: It's time for a change.
Nadav Shragai | The politics we deserve
Signing Tzipi Livni to the coalition is a new height in political cynicism.
Mati Shemoelof | Where would we be without poetry?
Poetry is the wellspring of imagination and cultural change.
As coalition talks head into overtime, a game of nerves
Likud warns that if Habayit Hayehudi does not enter the coalition new elections may have to be called Bennett says alliance with Lapid holding strong, and that going into the opposition "will not be the end of the world."
Mati Tuchfeld | Coalition or collision?
Bennett and Netanyahu are on course for a head-on collision. If they want to prevent an accident, one of them will have to swerve at the last minute.
Byzantine wine press found under the streets of Jaffa
Facility believed to be part of press for wine or other fruit-based alcohol from the fertile fields of Jaffa Excavation director: "This is the first important building from the Byzantine period to be uncovered in this part of the city."
New evidence of ancient culture discovered in Israel?
President Shimon Peres amazed to find his portrait plowed into the fields of Kibbutz Tel Yosef in celebration of his 90th birthday Crop illustrator: "This is the largest field illustration that's been done until now in Israel, and maybe even in the wor
WATCH: Galloway walks out on debate with an Israeli at Oxford
"I have been misled. I don't debate with Israelis ... I dont recognize Israeli citizens," says British MP George Galloway at Oxford debate Debate organizers say they did not mislead Galloway because no mention was made of debaters' nationalities.
Court orders state to start testing core subjects in haredi schools
Education Ministry has been given 100 days to draft a program to administer standardized tests in ultra-Orthodox schools Court says schools that refuse to take the tests should face sanctions, including losing funding.
The best defense is a strong offense
Testing of IDF officers reveals they are strong in offensive strategy, but lacking in defensive thinking The Armored Corps records the highest scores in IDF combat doctrine, with an average 86.41%.
Rubio, on Middle East trip, says Jerusalem is Israel's capital
Florida Senator Marco Rubio tells Peres that Jerusalem is, of course, the capital of Israel Rubio reiterates bipartisan support for Israel and the importance of the partnership between Israel and America, because Israel lives "in a tough neighborhood."
A third Israeli arrested in Romanian egg trafficking affair
Romanian police arrest an additional Israeli partner in the human egg trafficking case on Wednesday, after two previous arrests on Tuesday Chairwoman of Israel Fertility Association: I don't understand why they were arrested.
Washington: Senior Palestinian officials to meet with Kerry
Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and Fatah leader Muhammad Ashtiyeh reportedly head to Washington to meet with new U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, other State Department officials.
Clifford D. May | Middle East Tour dHorizon
Advice for Obama and Kerry as they plan their next trips abroad.
Israeli traveler stumbles across forgotten Holocaust victims
During his post-army travels in Germany, Yahel Tzaida comes across an old Jewish cemetery and Holocaust memorial inscribed with victims' names. At least 20 names of these names had not been recorded in Yad Vashem's database.
France records rise in anti-Semitic attacks in 2012
A dark year for France's Jews: 614 attacks in 2012 compared with 389 in 2011, a 58% rise More than half of all racist attacks in France are committed against Jews.