Tuesday October 13, 2015
Israel Hayom
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European Parliament President: 'We oppose unilateral moves'
Jerzy Buzek joins German Foreign Minister in opposing declaration of Palestinian statehood at the U.N. Reports: Abbas warming to Hamas Palestinians agree on unity government, but not on prime minister's identity
Zalman Shoval | The false premise of the Arab Peace Initiative
Roni Aloni-Sadovnik | Sexual violence as an act of war
Yossi Beilin | An Israeli initiative for Turkey
Mati Shemoelof | Hebrew Book Week: Our spiritual carnival
"Spy" to be freed within days
Israel: Ilan Grapel, charged with espionage in Egypt, will soon be freed thanks to US pressure Lieberman: Irresponsible yes, but he's not Mossad.
Boaz Bismuth | Finding oneself, but not in Egypt
With all due respect to the global village in which we live, there still exists a border between Israel and Egypt (and not just in the physical sense).
'Fatah, Hamas to present unity government next week'
The focus of talks between the sides is on identity of Prime Minister Al Jazeera:It won't be Salam Fayyad Israel concerned: Agreement with terror organization will not bring peace.
Arab League considers suspending Syria
Videos released Tuesday showed Hezbollah operatives from Lebanon and Iranian Revolutionary Guards helping Syrian forces suppress the protests.
Barak: 'Bashar Assad's fate has been sealed'
Defense Minister: "He has lost his legitimacy. Even if he remains in power for another six months or a year-and-a-half he will be significantly weakened." Lieberman: Western countries must recall their ambassadors.
'Assad ordered border fence breach'
Daily Telegraph: Syrian document proves Nakba Day events were planned like a military operation The order: "Allow protesters to cross the border and clash with Israeli soldiers."
Vatican requests special treatment for senior clergy visiting Israel
The Vatican has asked that its traveling officials be given special treatment during their stay in the Holy Land following complaints of mistreatment by Israeli officials.
'Arise, President and Sheikh Peres'
President Shimon Peres visits Hura, a Bedouin village in the Negev where he is made an honorary sheikh The Bedouins are not a Negev problem. They are part of the Negev, Peres says.
11 years later, Israelis visit Joseph's Tomb in broad daylight
MKs call for renewed Israeli control over holy site: Joseph reflects the deep connection to Israel." Visit comes on the 30-day anniversary of the killing of Ben Yosef Livnat at Joseph's Tomb.
First heritage site planned to honor fallen Druze soldiers
The site will be erected in Daliyat Al-Carmel next to Yad Labanim, the house of Naphtali Herz Imber, writer of the national anthem lyrics The site will tell their stories and their contributions to this state, says Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara.
Tourism Minister backs casinos for southern Israel
Misezhnikov calls for opening casinos in Eilat, Arad, Yeroham or the Dead Sea 19,000 hotel rooms lacking in Israel.
It's his age: Fischer too old to head IMF, says board
Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer cannot serve as IMF head because he is older than 65 Fischer says he will continue in his current post, but expresses dismay: "The age restriction is not relevant today."
Hebrew Book Week kicks off
The 50th annual celebration of Israel's literary world opens today in throughout the country Visitors will enjoy encounters with writers, plays based on literary works and activities for children.
Matisyahu in Jerusalem
The Hasidic musician from New York is scheduled to perform with his group Dub Trio on June 23 at Safra Square in Jerusalem.