Friday October 9, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'This isn't reality TV, it's real,' Ya'alon says on Iran debate
Vice prime minister is furious at former Mossad chief's alleged attempt to turn the issue of a possible Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities into a political campaign against Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak.
Yaakov Ahimeir | For Iran strike, text *3
Do we really want to rely on an opinion poll when deciding on the crucial issue of Iran?
Dr. Haim Shine | Steel and silk
Our exquisite Jewish embroidery has survived generations of threats and fear.
Emily Amrousi | Necessary borders, unnecessary walls
In the salad bowl of the Middle East, we must take all of the various ingredients into account.
Yoram Ettinger | Settlement freeze an obstacle to peace
Appeasement will undermine chances for peace, while advancing the cause of war.
Richard Baehr | War in Iran and Obama's re-election
Obama is hardly anxious to use force against Iran right now.
Isi Leibler | American Jewish leaders at the crossroads
America's most highly regarded Jewish leaders have lost their political bearings.
Navy moves to intercept latest Gaza flotilla
Israeli navy approaches two-boat flotilla headed for Gaza, after establishing contact with the ships Canadian and Irish boats carrying 27 activists, journalists and crew Neither side expects violent confrontation.
'Palestinians won't accept less than full UN membership'
Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad Malki says his people do not want upgraded status at the U.N. Diplomat says Britain, France and Colombia told Security Council they would abstain in vote on Palestinian statehood.
Anti-Semitism slightly on the rise in the US, new ADL survey shows
Nationwide survey shows that 15% of Americans hold anti-Semitic views The downturn in the economy, along with changing demographics in U.S. society, may have contributed to arise in anti-Semitism, says ADL director Abraham Foxman.
Weapon for weapon, how Israel and Iran shape up militarily
While rumors continue to fly over a potential Israeli or allied strike against Iran, here's a look at how the two regional players stack up against each other in military power.
Republican Perry would back Israeli strike on Iran nuke sites
"We cannot afford to allow that madman in Iran to get his hands on a nuclear weapon, period," Perry tells CNN Perry's campaign slipping after swift rise to the top of opinion polls when he entered the race for 2012 Republican presidential nomination.
'Netanyahu orders ISA to probe sources behind Iran leaks'
Kuwaiti paper quotes Israeli official as saying that Meir Dagan, Yuval Diskin and group of politicians led by Tzipi Livni were behind leaks on possible Israeli attack on Iran "Dagan and Diskin leaked info as revenge on Netanyahu, Barak," official says.
US, UK, France vow to apply 'unprecedented pressure' on Iran
IAEA report, to be released next week, will detail military side of Iran atomic work U.S. and French presidents discuss further action against Iran at G-20 summit on Thursday Iranian FM: U.S. should think twice.
'Religious extremists are a greater threat to Israel than Iran'
Ex-Mossad chief Efraim Halevy says religious radicalization is a blight on our lives and an existential threat Halevy joins other senior officials speaking out against religious extremism's growing influence in Israel.
Turkey should not feel threatened by offshore gas finds, Peres says
Israeli energy company Delek, part of a Noble Energy-led consortium exploiting Israel's offshore natural gas finds, has proposed a partnership with Cyprus to build a facility on the island to process and export gas.
Bill proposes making homes built on Palestinian land state property
Four MKs draft legislation that would redefine status of settler homes not built on state property Bill, which is intended to prevent the destruction of settler homes, would compensate Palestinian landowners.
Rabbi Elon refutes indictment on charges of sexual misconduct
Elon contests the charge that he sexually exploited male students after a formal indictment is issued I have the right to give strong embraces, though I apologize if they caused any offense, he says.
Labor leader threatens general strike over subcontracted workers
General strike planned for Monday to include air and sea ports, government offices and municipalities Labor Federation leaders want government to reduce the number of Israelis employed indirectly through manpower companies.
IAF aircraft to avoid flying over Israel's southern border
IAF aircraft will avoid flying over Israel's southern border in response to anti-aircraft weapons looted from Libya smuggled into Gaza Strip Egyptian army helicopter strays into Israel for 25 minutes Greek air force to conduct joint drill with IAF.
Israel considers freezing $2 million in UNESCO funds
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aims to halt UNESCO funding, pending legal approval, after Palestinians gain full-member status Netanyahu: These steps will not advance peace.
'Channel 10 apology to Adelson was appropriate'
Second Authority for Television and Radio backs Channel 10 news apology airing unfounded allegations against U.S. businessman and Israel Hayom stockholder Sheldon Adelson.
US provides training to Islamist political parties in Egypt
In a bid to promote democratic elections, U.S. is funding and guiding all political parties in Egypt, even those with anti-Western platforms State Department willing to forgive debt in exchange for successful Egyptian transition to democracy.
China urges Iran to be flexible on nuclear program
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a daily news briefing that China did not condone any Middle Eastern country developing nuclear weapons Russia and China have backed four rounds of U.N. sanctions on Iran since 2006.
Reaping the fruits of the vine
In this tiny country there are now more than 300 active wineries, producing close to 40 million bottles of wine a year There are Biblical echoes that resonate in every glass of quality Israeli wine.