Friday September 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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16,000 reservists called up; IDF prepares for Gaza ground op
IDF continues firing on targets in Gaza as infantry and armored units gather near the border On third day of operation, IDF hits dozens of Gaza targets from air and sea "The prime minister's instructions are to hit them hard," says official.
Yoav Limor | End to Gaza violence still distant
Putting the mechanisms in place to halt the violence will take several days, during which time the IDF will try to expand its operational achievements.
Dr. Reuven Berko | 'We were convinced that Israel would not retaliate'
Hamas does't understand why Israel is taking the rocket attacks on its citizens so badly, and anyway, what could possibly be wrong with bombing Israel?
Isi Leibler | European Jews: Time to wake up
Europeans are now diverting their guilt for the Holocaust by obscenely accusing its survivors, the Jews, of engaging in similar genocidal activities.
Nadav Shragai | Israel in the eyes of Hamas
If you peruse Hamas' manifesto and records of statements made by its representatives, you will understand that in their view the State of Israel, all of it, is one large settlement.
Boaz Bismuth | The diplomatic clock is ticking
When Morsi tells Obama he values Cairo's relations with Washington, what he is really saying is "help us preserve peace; restrain Israel."
Clifford D. May | Oliver Stones party line
It is no exaggeration to describe those who embrace the ideology of Jihadism as neo-Stalinists.
Dore Gold | Who will block Abbas at the UN?
The EU will be critical in any strategy to block the Palestinian U.N. initiative at the end of November.
Sirens sound in Tel Aviv as hundreds of rockets fired at Israel
Gaza terrorists fire Iranian-made Fajr-5 rockets at Tel Aviv for first time, setting off air raid sirens in the central city twice in 24 hours Prime Minister Netanyahu: Hamas are hurting children on both sides.
Dan Margalit | Israel has nothing to fear
Air raid sirens in Tel Aviv unite the center of the country with the million residents of southern Israel.
Egypt PM in Gaza: Israel must stop its 'aggression'
Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil makes three-hour visit to Gaza Strip on Friday, tours hospital and meets with Hamas officials Says Egypt will "spare no effort" in trying to broker a cease-fire.
Israel's aerial defense shines in Operation Pillar of Defense
IDF aerial defense officer says that just as the Iron Dome batteries have continued to improve their capabilities, the terrorist groups firing the rockets are learning as well.
Aharon Lapidot | Iron Dome - the difference maker
To understand the true scale of Iron Dome's contribution to the battle, one must recognize that it calculates each rocket's trajectory and only intercepts those that will hit a target.
Taking back control
Israel knew that killing Ahmed Jabari would only be the beginning The euphoria over his assassination quickly gave way to grave concern in light of the massive rocket fire from Gaza, but Israel will not rest until the south enjoys some peace.
Why ask if you already know the answer?
Something isn't clear: Hamas is proud that the commander of its military wing has now been turned into a shahid (martyr) that was his life's ambition. So what are they seeking revenge for? And also: Can we trust the CIA?
Hamas warns of many surprises still in store for Israel
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh: "Hamas has yet to show its full force ... in 2009 we held our ground until the enemy begged for a cease-fire Hamas claims it refused Israel's request for a cease-fire.
US calls on Hamas to immediately stop the 'cowardly acts'
U.S. President Obama tells Egyptian President Morsi: "It is Israel's right to defend itself" U.N. secretary-general to visit Jerusalem, Cairo, Ramallah but not Gaza next week Western diplomats voice support for Israel, concern about the situation.
The personal side of the tragedy in Kiryat Malachi
Mira Ruth Sharf, a Chabad emissary in India, came to Israel to prepare for the birth of her fourth child Aharon Smadja and Itzik Amsalem apparently wanted to film the rocket approaching Kiryat Malachi.
The latest battleground between Israel and Hamas: Social media
Israel Defense Forces and Hamas exchange fiery tweets in recent days as part of effort to influence public opinion IDF Twitter account gains 50,000 followers in one day IDF spokeswoman: Twitter is a great tool to release information.